Description of Services

The Technology Department strives to leverage information technology solutions and services that will facilitate the vision, objectives, and goals of the Town of Trumbull. The department administers the operation of the Town's technology infrastructure and provides a high quality level of service to maintain and support the daily activities of the Town. The department evaluates best practices and industry standards to improve the reliability of IT infrastructure and provide better services.

Overview of Divisions


Manages all information technology systems for the Town of Trumbull, including remote municipal sites, personnel administration, budget preparation and administration, and data center operations. Ensures proper licensing of all software. Promotes and facilitates the effective integration of technology. Develops "acceptable use" policies based upon both Town's charter and applicable laws.


Assists employees with workstation issues and troubleshoots problems. Maintains acceptably current workstation operating systems and enforces reasonable standards and security. Strives to maintain end user satisfaction.

Life Cycle Management

Establishes life cycle management and maintains current hardware and software. Remains informed of current technologies, industry trends, and efficiencies to improve operations.


Develops, enhances, and manages the Town's wide area network to provide high speed, transparent, and reliable connectivity and access to all information resources. Leverages new technologies to reduce costs and provide availability, reliability, and uptime.


Implements industry accepted security policies to secure against viruses, malicious software, and unauthorized use. Ensures that business-critical servers are environmentally protected and are physically secure.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity 

Maintains redundant systems and applies procedures to ensure that data backups are performed regularly, stored offsite, and are periodically tested. Schedules test of simulated disasters to ensure reliability.


Develops a strategic plan for the use of information technology and uses the plan as a blueprint for the enhancement of the Town's information technology infrastructure. These plans are utilized to provide services and prepare budget requests that are consistent with the goals and priorities of the Town.

Best Practices 

Maintains and develops relationships with representatives of other towns and cities and participates in meetings with vendors, Government Management Information Sciences association, and others groups to learn and implement best practices in technology.


Educates town departments in the philosophy, policies, standards procedures, and use technology to improve their department's operation and efficiency.


Researches and reviews all engagements and contracts entered in to for information related activities. Ensures that contractual obligations are met and evaluates possible continuances on future engagements based upon past performance. Follows Town's bid requirements to help insure procurement is fair and competitive.