Town Clerk

The Town Clerk’s office will be closed for lunch from 12:30 to 1:30 daily due to a staffing shortage until further notice.

Service for Process Appeals

Please email for Service of Process for Appeals.

Responsibilities & History

The Town Clerk’s office is the information center for the Town. Responsibilities of the office include, recording real estate transactions and associated land records including liens and changes in title and mortgages. The custodian of the history of the town of Trumbull, the Town Clerk’s office, as Registrar of Vital Statistics, is charged with preservation and maintenance of birth and death certificates, and marriage licenses.

Maps and demographic information of the town are also stored and updated by the office for easy access by residents and professionals in search of those materials.

Central Repository

The Town Clerk’s office, acts as a central repository that posts and stores information for all Town Boards and Commissions as well as listings of Board and Commission members and meeting dates and agendas. Also kept up to date are copies of the Town Charter, Town Code, and Code of Ethics. Copies of lawsuits are also available for perusal. The Town Clerk is also charged with preparing all municipal elections, issuing absentee ballots and accepting election results from the Registrars of Voters.


Elected every two years in odd numbered year municipal elections, the Town Clerk performs duties and has responsibilities determined by Connecticut State Statutes. The Town Clerk, two assistant town clerks and the account clerk each year handle an increasing volume of walk-in and mail-in requests.

Town Clerk’s Office Fees

* Effective July 1, 2018, per Public Acts 18-136

DescriptionOld FeeNew Fee
Liquor Permit Fee$2.00$20.00
Trade Names$5.00$10.00 ($13 with credit card)
Map Filing & Indexing (1)$10.00$20.00
Map Filing & Indexing (2+)$20.00$30.00
Notary Public Oath & Comm. Filing$10.00$20.00
Notary Certification - Apostille$2.00$5.00
Marriage License Fee$30.00$50.00
Burial or Burial Transit Removal / Disinterment Permit$3.00$5.00
Cremation Permit$3.00$5.00