Civil Service Board


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  • Ann Langley, Chairwoman
  • Alice Ferreira
  • Willie McBride, Jr.
  • Barbara Skibiski
  • Michelle Wigzell

What We Do

  • Review job descriptions, regularly evaluate and update job descriptions as needed.
  • Attract, test and select applicants for entrance or promotion within the system. Top candidates are traditionally referred to the various department heads for their final choice.
  • Administer a rating system that is designed to measure the job performance of every town employee. Also maintain a personnel file for each employee.
  • Develop employee relation programs that are geared to:
    • Counseling
    • Health issues
    • Job training
    • Safety
    • Other appropriate topics
  • Review the complaints of employees related to suspension or discharge, prior to submission of the case to the Personnel Appeals Board.

Town Charter Description

Section 15. Civil Service Board.

A. Composition and appointment. The Town shall have a Civil Service Board which shall consist of five members, each appointed by the First Selectman for a term of five years. The term of one member shall expire every year. The Civil Service Board shall advertise, recruit and test for entrance in and promotion within the classified service in the Town of Trumbull.

B. Political activity. No member of the Civil Service Board shall solicit any contribution to the campaign fund of any political party or candidate for public or party office or take part in the management of any political campaign or serve as a member of a committee of any political party. Nothing herein shall be construed to affect the right of a member of the Civil Service Board to register as a member of a political party, express his/her opinion and vote.

C. If the Civil Service Board is requested to fill a position by the First - 31 - Selectman and is unable to do so within six months, the Human Resources Director shall have the option of filing the position directly.

D. All elected officials and appointed employees who are subject to compensation and benefits shall follow Civil Service Rules for the purposes of benefits only.