Aquatics Facilities Building Committee


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  • Jason Marsh, Chairman
  • Mark Block
  • Christopher DeCruze
  • April Lang
  • Mary Markham
  • Brian Moore
  • Dennis Mucci
  • Jay Orenstein


TC27-90: BE IT RESOLVED, That the Aquatics Facilities Building Committee is hereby formed to develop a plan for upgrading the Town’s aquatic facilities. The Committee shall prepare and deliver a report to the Town Council by August 15, 2019. The committee shall assess the costs and benefits and detriments of renovating the Hillcrest and Tashua Pools, versus constructing one or more new aquatics facilities at locations that may include, without limitation, the property of Trumbull High School, Tashua Knolls, and/or the Town-owned properties on or about Old Church Hill Road; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the membership shall consist of two Town Council representatives, provided that such members shall not be from the same political party, and five electors of the Town of Trumbull.