Snow Removal Policy

There are approximately 200 miles of streets in Town. It is important for the Department of Public Works to use its resources wisely, and needs the cooperation of residents to efficiently and effectively address snow response emergencies.

Prior to a storm, regular weather reports are received, and manpower is made available. As the snow starts to fall, manpower is deployed on an as-needed basis. Once the storm is upgraded to "all out", as many as 26 plow trucks and 6 supervisors are on the road.

Please remember, general access for emergency responders come first, so Police, Fire and EMS locations shall take preference.

Residents are encouraged to stay home until the storm has passed and the streets have been plowed.

In the event that a parking ban becomes necessary, it will be posted on the Town website and announced on WTNH (channel 8), WICC 600 AM radio, and periodically on WFSB (channel 3).

Snow Plow (JPG)

Plow Routes

The streets are plowed and sanded in order of priority. Main (collector) roads are addressed first with special attention to steep hills, and difficult intersections. Side streets are done next, then dead end streets. Side streets may remain unplowed if the main roads require repeated plowing. This may not seem fair to the residents of side streets or dead ends, but, as stated above, main roads must remain open for emergency responders.

Blocked Driveways

All snow plows angle the same way – to the driver's right, – and when going by they will push the snow in front of a driveway. The homeowner is responsible for access to his driveway. The only way to avoid extra shoveling is to wait until DPW crews have done their final clean up on the street.  If the homeowner cannot wait until final completion, then more than one effort will be required to ensure access.

Mailbox Damage

The Town repairs or replaces only those mailboxes and/or posts that are actually struck by a plow blade. The Town does not repair or replace mailboxes and/or posts that fall from the force of plowed snow. Mailboxes and supporting posts must be placed 15" to 18" from the back of the curb or gutter, and installed to withstand the rigors of snow removal, including the force of snow pushed from the street onto the roadside. A mailbox damaged as a result of the plow truck directly hitting it must be reported to the Highway Department using the Citizen Service Request system on the Town website,, within two weeks of the occurrence. (Refer to the Mailbox Damage Policy for more information.)

Private Plowing

The Town of Trumbull prohibits plow contractors from pushing snow from driveways or parking lots onto Town streets. This practice is dangerous and impedes the Town's snow removal efforts. If there is no other alternative to pushing snow into the street, the plow contractor must plow off the windrow left across the street by plowing until the road is safe and clear. This may not necessarily mean bare pavement, but certainly it should be no worse than when the driver began work. Residents who feel they have a legitimate complaint should call the Town Garage at 452-5070 or 452-5071.

Trash cans and recycling bins should not be placed in the roadway, but rather on the shoulder or driveway, so as not to impede snow removal efforts.  Please contact your trash hauler to confirm there will be pick-up before putting out your trash cans and recycling bins.

Revised 01-2022. (Note: This policy has been in effect for over 25 years.)

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