Mailbox Damage Policy

Rural Mailboxes

When there is a heavy accumulation of snow, or the snow is slushy or dense, the location of mailboxes close to the highway makes it difficult for the operations of the Public Works Department and renders the boxes susceptible to damage as a result of our activity. It shall be the Public Works policy to avoid  leaving large amounts of snow in front of mailboxes and to use special care and consideration when plowing in their vicinity. If mailboxes are damaged during plowing operations, and the snow plow operator observes and is aware of the damage, he shall report the incident to their General Supervisor.

If it is found that the damage to the mailbox has occurred as a result of ACTUAL CONTACT between the plow or the plowing vehicle, then the town shall repair or replace the mailbox and/or post at no cost to the homeowner. If the damage to the mailbox occurs as a result of the weight of the snow and/or ice contacting the mailbox, then the homeowner shall be responsible for such repairs and/or replacement.

The latter situation can result from mailbox posts aging and rotting, or being installed in such a way that they cannot withstand these normal snow loads. This latter situation occurs generally through too weak a mailbox shaft, or too extensive a "sail" area (too large a box for the post size, or more than one box, decorations or flower boxes). We do not recommend plastic posts because they become rigid in cold weather. We will not replace plastic posts of any kind.

Anyone claiming damage to their mailbox or post should file a work order for repair WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF THE OCCURRENCE, through the Town website, At the very bottom of the home page, under "Quick Links", click on "Citizen Service Request" and enter your information. If you do not have access to a computer, you can call the Highway Department at (203) 452-5070.

NOTE:  The first 10 feet of a road right-of-way is town property. The town will not be responsible for anything other than a mailbox being installed in the right-of-way. Damage from the action of the plowed material after leaving the edge of the plow must remain the risk of the owner of the encroaching item.

Snowy Mailbox (JPG)

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