Scouts in Government Day

Scouts in Government Day is an annual event organized by the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts of America, and the Town of Trumbull. Participating scouts have the opportunity to mentor a Town official, employee, or volunteer and learn about their job and how our community operates. Scouts in Government Day is a Trumbull tradition that has continued since the 1970s!

2020 Scouts in Government Day

This year’s Scouts in Government Day event has been postponed until a later date. 

Scouts in Government Day applications will continue to be open until a new date has been scheduled.


  1. Scouts must at least be a 4th grade student or ten years old to participate.
  2. Scouts should select their first, second, and third job choice in order of preference.
  3. Scouts must submit a short essay on why they would like to serve in each their selected positions.
  4. Submit the application and essay to: Bill Chin, Technology Department, Town Hall, 5866 Main Street, Trumbull, CT 06611 or email

Essay Tips:

  • Essays should be neat, typed or handwritten, and at least one paragraph long.
  • Content is important so find out about the duties and responsibilities of the job. Refer to the Town of Trumbull website at for more information.
  • Essays will be judged on content and effort.
  • Essays should focus on the scout’s first job choice, but a few sentences about their second and third choice are helpful in case their first choice is assigned to another scout.


  • Please remember that many scouts will be applying for these jobs. If a scout is not selected for their first choice, an attempt will be made to place them in their second or third choice…or in a related job. Preference is often given to scouts who have participated in Scouts in Government Day in the past!
  • Scouts are encouraged to participate in Scouts in Government Day each year and learn about multiple positions.

Event Details

  • Scouts must wear a uniform to Scouts in Government Day.
  • Scouts must bring a signed permission slip to Scouts in Government Day.
  • Scouts must arrange transportation to Town Hall at 12:45 PM and pickup from Town Hall between 3:30 PM and 3:45 PM.

Schedule of Events

12:45 PMScouts arrive to the Town Hall Council Chambers
1:00 PM to 1:15 PMOpening Ceremony – Scouts are paired with their mentors
1:15 PM to 3:00 PMScouts job shadow with their mentors
3:00 PM to 3:30 PMClosing Ceremony – Scouts receive certificates and briefly describe what they learned. Parents are encouraged to attend!
3:45 PMScouts depart

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