Sewage Disposal

Trumbull does not have a sewage treatment plant. In 1967 it was determined that Trumbull would discharge their sewage to Bridgeport. There are two watercourses in Trumbull that had been considered by the State Department of Water Resources, the Pequonnock River and Horse Tavern Brook.

Horse Tavern is too small to accept sewage from a community the size of Trumbull and the Pequonnock River, while being a much larger stream, is used for recreational purposes downstream within the City of Bridgeport. This negated the possibility of using the Pequonnock to dispose of treated sewage from Trumbull.

Bridgeport had an extensive sewerage system with available capacity to accept sewerage from Trumbull. This "regional" hook-up between Trumbull and Bridgeport was thought to be advantageous to both communities.