Leave the Leaves

This autumn, feed your lawn naturally and promote biodiversity by NOT blowing or raking.

As you get ready to button up your yard for winter, we have some tips to keep in mind. When it comes to fall "clean up" you have options!

  • Tuck-In your Beds: You can rake leaves into your garden beds or under trees. Up the 3" of leaves can be stored here, plus, you'll save on mulch come spring! Larvae can hide in pupae among the fallen leaves.
  • Mow don't blow: If you are interested in promoting biodiversity, don’t use leaf blowers in your yard. Mulched leaves are decomposed by earthworms and microorganisms and turned into plant-usable organic matter. You can either remove the mower bag and simply go over a thin layer of leaves with your mower, or invest a mulching lawn mower. These mulched leafs will put nutrients back into the soil!
  • Procrastinating: Ok, procrastinating can get a bad rap. But listen to this: there are residents in your dead stalks! Little sweat bees survive the winter in hollow flower stalks, and birds shelter between dead branches. Put cutting off until the spring to let them rest in peace.

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