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Join us as a Volunteer! View the Trumbull Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Application for Volunteer Service (PDF) for additional information.

Working Side by Side

Trumbull EMS takes great pride in both our career and volunteer staff. We work side by side to current best practice pre-hospital emergency care to all our patients. Our Volunteers are able to work shifts on duty, participate with the career staff in regular continuing medical education opportunities, focus groups and staff meetings, and are honored along with career staff at the TEMS annual awards ceremony.

Critical part of Operational Structure

Our Volunteers are a critical part of our operational structure, assisting with special events, planning and operations. We have several committees, which are run by our volunteer team to help serve our community. These include:

  • Clinical and community education committee
  • Driver education committee
  • Explorer committee
  • Field training officer committee
  • Historical committee
  • Special operations committee

Operational Structure

Review the following to learn more about the operational structure:

  • Flexible scheduling allows for maintaining your current work, family or school commitments while serving your community
  • Join our Community Outreach programs
  • Join our Education team and assist with training/ mentoring
  • Monthly educational opportunities in house
  • Peer to peer support
  • Stand alone headquarters base with eating, sleeping and bathing facilities for our team
  • TEMS employees have fostered close working relationships with local Hospital Staff, Trumbull Police Department and Trumbull Fire Department
  • TEMS employees utilize the most up to date equipment which meets or exceeds the National average
  • TEMS has the support of our EMS Commission who are always available to offer guidance and support
  • TEMS has the ongoing support of the Town Of Trumbull
  • Trumbull Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) is solely a 911 service with a high percentage of advanced life support calls
  • Up to date fleet of EMS vehicles with driver training opportunities

Meet Our Volunteers

  1. Paulina H
  2. Bob H
  3. Janet F

Paulina HEmergency Medical Technician (EMT) Paulina H has been a member of the service since she was 14 years old, starting with Trumbull Emergency Medical Services (EMS) youth program. Paulina got her EMT license when she was 16, and has continued to be a dedicated member for the past 5 years. Trumbull EMS has not only become a second family for Paulina, but it has become her stepping stone into the medical world as she continues her education at the University of Bridgeport’s first nursing program.

Working as an EMT here in Trumbull, has given her a unique interaction with patients, hospital and nursing home staff, and other health care providers which will prove vital in her work as a student nurse.