Trumbull Treks

A valid park sticker is required to park in any of the Trumbull Parks throughout the year. Vehicles without stickers may be ticketed. Stickers are available at the Trumbull Parks and Recreation office.

Trail Routes

Walking, hiking and biking are great, low-cost ways to get active! In an effort to encourage residents, employees, and visitors to be more physically active, the Trumbull Health Department created a set of route maps called Trumbull Treks for the Trumbull community.

The Trumbull Parks and Recreation, Engineering Departments, and Health Department have mapped out trails in our beautiful parks. Find a route you would like to explore and get moving today! Stay tuned for additional route maps in the coming months!

Residential Routes

Trumbull Residential Route Maps Trumbull's residential walking routes are located near municipal buildings and in residential areas, making it easy to walk from home or work, and most routes have accessible parking areas for those who wish to park their car near a walking route.

All maps feature a detailed route map and turn-by-turn directions, and can easily be printed out or accessed on a mobile device on-the-go. Find a route you would like to explore and start walking today.