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Hillcrest Pool Update


Dear Trumbull Residents,

As we have been preparing the pools at Tashua Knolls and Beach Memorial for the upcoming season we felt that it would be timely to update the community on the status of the indoor natatorium at Hillcrest Pool 

In early July 2021 structural distress and damage was discovered in a number of areas within the underground mechanical room of Hillcrest Pool which necessitated the immediate closure of the facility to the public.

Soon afterwards the Town retained TLB Architecture (“TLB”), as well as structure and electrical engineering professionals, to conduct a comprehensive needs assessments to identify the source of problems and to determine the scope of work for short-term stabilization of the structure and long-term repair to the pool and its related systems. This included:

  • Evaluation of entire swimming pool, pool decks, building envelope, systems, mechanicals and assemblies throughout the natatorium. 
  • Additional static testing conducted followed by draining the entire pool. 
  • Camera inspection of the pool piping. 
  • Structural testing and inspections of the natatorium, mechanical system, electrical system, and plumbing system.

The TLB assessment was received and a meeting among TLB, Town staff and various community stakeholders was held to review the findings.  An overview of the TLB assessment was presented at a subsequent meeting of the Aquatics Facility Building Committee as it considers the future of the Hillcrest Pool and the overall long-term aquatics needs of the community. 

Unfortunately, the extent of damage and cost to repair does not allow for an efficient or cost-effective solution to the immediate problems with the Hillcrest Pool.  Even a “bare-minimum” approach will take at least one year to complete after finalized plans and contractor bidding is complete and will cost far in excess of what can arguably be considered reasonable given other significant structural issues that would be left unaddressed, any of which could worsen and again take the pool out of service. 

Hillcrest Pool has been the primary facility utilized for all our Recreational Aquatic programs such as open swim, early morning lap swim, youth swim lessons, senior citizen water aerobics, and lifeguard training as well as the home for all our competitive swimmers the from Trumbull High School Swim Team and Pisces swim club. We fully appreciate the overall impact by the loss of services to the community and acknowledge the inconvenience to our competitive swimmers who have been forced to seek pool time outside of Trumbull. We hear your concerns and will continue to work closely with the Aquatics Facility Building Committee to find feasible ways to ease the short-term burden while the committee develops a proposal for the long-term aquatics needs of the entire community. 

Moving forward we will be updating this page with links to all Reports and Meetings relating to the Town’s actions regarding our Aquatic program needs.

-Trumbull Parks and Recreation