Dive Team

The Trumbull Police Dive Team is comprised of several officers who have undergone basic Scuba training, with each member certified in public safety diving as well as evidence recovery, water rescue, and several other specialties.

The team’s primary mission has always been water rescue and recovery, surface ice rescue, and ice diving.  After 9/11, the team took on new responsibilities to include regularly conducting security dives of surrounding dams and assisting the Bridgeport Police Dive Team with security dives for the Port Jefferson ferryboats and terminal.  

With these new responsibilities, the team joined with the Monroe Police Department to add two experienced dive officers and now function as a regional dive team. In 2017, the team was accepted into the FBI’s underwater explosive school and is currently 1 of only 14 teams certified in underwater post-blast investigation and recovery.

The team is also rated as a FEMA Class II dive team and is listed in the regional response protocol. The team is equipped with state-of-the-art dive equipment, which includes underwater communications and side scan sonar imaging capabilities. For dive operations, they use two trucks and two boats that are equipped for various purposes. 

The Town of Trumbull has 72 bodies of water, from small ponds to one of the largest reservoirs in the State. The Trumbull Police Department Dive Team originated in the mid-1970s in response to several drownings that had occurred in town.