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Should anyone need to contact the Trumbull Police Commission Board members, please email Police Commission or email Trumbull Police. The Trumbull Police Department Administration monitors this email account and will make sure the board members receive any correspondence.

  • Raymond Baldwin, Jr. - Chairman
  • Angelo Magliocco - Vice Chairman
  • Mary Beth Thornton - Commissioner
  • Christian Trefz - Commissioner
  • Andrea Fonseca  - Commissioner

What We Do

Town Charter - Section 8. Police Commission. 

A. Composition and appointment. The Town shall have a Police Commission, which shall consist of five (5) members who shall be recommended by the First Selectman and appointed by the Town Council. The terms of members serving on the Police Commission as of November, 2020 shall not be changed. If the seat of a member serving as of November, 2020 becomes vacant, the vacancy shall be filled by the Town Council, upon recommendation of the First Selectman, for the balance of that term. One member shall be appointed as of the first Monday of December, 2020, whose term shall be for five (5) years. Two members shall be appointed as of the first Monday in December, 2021, one of whose terms shall be for two (2) years and the other for five (5) years. Two members shall be appointed as of the first Monday in December, 2022, one of whose terms shall be for two (2) years and the other for five (5) years. Thereafter, all appointments shall be for a term of five (5) years.  

B. Powers and duties. The Commission shall have general management and control of the Police Department and all apparatus, equipment and premises owned or used by the Town for police purposes, and shall have the powers conferred or imposed by law on Police Commissions.  

The Commission shall fix the number of members of the Department and designate one who shall be Chief of Police. The Chief of Police shall be the chief administrative officer of the Department and shall be responsible to the Commission for the efficiency of the Department and the execution of all laws, rules and regulations prescribed by statute or Town ordinance, or by the Commission. The Commission shall make such rules for the government of the Police Department as it may deem necessary consistent with the provisions hereto. 

The Commission shall appoint and prescribe the duties of regular, special and auxiliary police officers and shall prescribe appropriate qualifications for such appointments, which qualifications shall include qualifications similar to those for appointment in the State Police. All promotions in the Department shall be made from within the Department except that the appointment of a Chief of Police may be made from within or without the Department. Any person appointed police officer shall remain in office during good behavior and until removed, suspended or disciplined by the Police Commission for cause after due written notice and hearing, which hearing shall be public at the option of the officer. 

The compensation of police officers shall be by salary, and no officer shall receive any fee for service in any criminal matter, unless otherwise authorized by law.  

C. Constables and police officers.  

(i) Three (3) constables shall be elected at each Town election to serve for a term of two (2) years. 

(ii) Constables shall have no authority in any criminal matter. Members of the Police Department shall have all of the authority as to service of criminal process and law enforcement vested by law in police officers and constables.  

D. Traffic authority. The Police Commission shall be the traffic authority, under the provisions of the General Statutes, for the Town.