Trumbull Special Needs Awareness Program (T-SNAP)

Making Trumbull's First Responders Aware of Your Special Needs

The Trumbull Police Department is pleased to announce, Trumbull's Special Needs Awareness Program (T-SNAP). Through participation in T-SNAP, Trumbull residents share information regarding their special needs with Trumbull's Emergency Services - Police, Fire and EMS. The goal of the T-SNAP program is to enable Trumbull's emergency services personnel to better respond to emergencies involving individuals with special needs. 

T-SNAP was developed by a committee of Trumbull parents, and Police, Fire, EMS, Board of Education and Senior Center personnel. You, your child, your parent, your brother or sister, another family member, any of us, may have special needs. On a voluntary basis, T-SNAP enables individuals to share their special needs information with Trumbull's police, fire and EMS personnel.


The purpose of T-SNAP is to enable Trumbull's Emergency Services (police, fire and EMS) to better respond to emergencies involving individuals with special needs. In the event of an emergency, having information regarding the special needs of a resident - readily available - will help Trumbull's Emergency Services to provide the best possible response. In the event of an emergency phone call from a T-SNAP registered address, the dispatcher will be automatically alerted that there is a T-SNAP participant at the address. 

The dispatcher can then share this information with the responding emergency services personnel. Having information regarding the special needs of a resident - readily available - will help Trumbull's Emergency Services to provide the best possible response.

Signing Up

Enrollment is completely voluntary and achieved by completing a T-SNAP application. T-SNAP applications (PDF) can be obtained at the Police Department or downloaded. Upon submitting your application, your information will be available to help Trumbull Emergency Services personnel to dispatch the most appropriate resources to your residence during an emergency. When your address is entered into the police department's computer-aided dispatch system, an alert on the screen will notify the dispatcher of your unique situation so they may respond accordingly. Our Emergency Services personnel will have a better understanding of what they may encounter and can adjust their response to provide the help you or a member of your family might require. 

Valuable information will be readily available including pictures and emergency contact information. Upon receipt of your signed T-SNAP application, you will be issued a numbered T-SNAP decal, a copy of your application and a magnetic pouch. 

Sticker Placement

Please apply the T-SNAP sticker to the front door of your residence. Fold and insert the copy of your TSNAP application into the magnetic pouch. Attach the pouch to the front or side of your kitchen's refrigerator for ready availability to first responders. 

If First Responders respond to an emergency at your home, this sticker will alert them to your participation in the T-SNAP program. Emergency Services personnel will be able to reference your T-SNAP information by the number on your decal. Should you take advantage of this program you should be aware of the following:

  • The program is completely voluntary and you choose the information you wish to provide.
  • The information you provide may be broadcast over radio channels which may be heard by the general public.
  • Submitting a recent picture with your application would be helpful and it will be your responsibility to update your information annually.


Initial funding to cover the cost of supplies for the T-SNAP program was generously donated by the Trumbull Rotary Club. The T-SNAP program is an example of how this community, in a spirit of cooperation, can pull together for the greater good.

Additional Information

For more information, see the T-SNAP Flyer: Trumbull Special Needs Awareness Program (T-SNAP) Flyer (PDF)

To apply, please download and complete the T-SNAP Application Form: T-SNAP Application Form (PDF)