Salary & Benefits


Compensation Guidelines (Effective 6/30/2023 in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements). Trumbull has 5 steps for patrol officers and each employee shall advance from step to step on their anniversary date each year until maximum rate is reached:

  • Step 1: $63,676
  • Step 2: $69,284
  • Step 3: $75,385
  • Step 4: 82,023
  • Step 5: $89,246

Uniforms & Dry Cleaning

The Town maintains a quartermaster supply system and each member will be provided all proper uniforms and equipment. The Town also supplies reasonable cleaning of uniforms with the maximum allowance of eight (8) units of cleaning per week.

Medical/Dental/Vision Benefits

The Town of Trumbull will provide the State of Connecticut Partnership Plan 2.0 to enrolled employees and eligible dependents.

Paid Time Off

  • 14 vacation days per calendar year
  • 14 holidays per calendar year
  • 3 personal leave days per calendar year
  • Workers’ Compensation if injured on the job

Education Incentives

Tuition reimbursement is available for an employee pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in police science and administration, criminal justice, or a similar program approved by the Chief of Police. Will be reimbursed up to $2,000 per fiscal year.

Retirement Benefits

Patrol officer are offered a 401k plan with a match of 10% 

Military Benefits

Paid and unobstructed military leave available for active duty assignments.