Detective Bureau

Trumbull Police Department Detectives work with officers, other municipal and State of Connecticut law enforcement agencies, and Federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA and Secret Service. Detectives are trained in advanced crime scene processing, interviewing, criminal investigations, and other skills. The Detective Bureau is responsible for conducting criminal investigations for a wide variety of offenses which include:

  • Burglaries
  • Financial Crimes
  • Identity Theft Crimes
  • Narcotics
  • Sexual Assaults

These incidents require the ability to spend many hours following up on leads that are beyond the availability of the Patrol Division to handle as well as preparing Search and Arrest warrants.

Identity Theft & Fraud Complaints

Anyone who has been the victim of identity theft or fraudulent financial activity can submit a complaint by completing the Fraud Complaint Form (PDF). The form is also available in the main lobby of police headquarters, located at 158 Edison Road. The Fraud Complaint Form should be filled out in its entirety and returned to the Trumbull Police Detective Division for investigation.

For more information or questions regarding a fraud complaint, you may contact the Detective Division directly at 203-261-3665, option 2.


The Detective Division is constantly updated on trending drug use and movement through the Town of Trumbull and surrounding areas.


The Detective Division is also part of a Regional Burglary Task Force which meets weekly to exchange information on current burglaries, suspects, and recovered merchandise. Our goal in this respect is to reduce the number of burglaries in Town by letting everyone in the region know that the Police and the Community are working together. The Police need your help and we ask that you report anything suspicious directly to the Communication Center at 203-261-3665.