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1. How do I dispose of batteries?
2. How do I dispose of hazardous materials?
3. How do I dispose of light bulbs?
4. How do I dispose of paint?
5. How do I dispose of tires?
6. Is there anything the Transfer Station will not accept?
7. What is Single Stream Recycling?
8. What is the leaf pick up schedule?
9. Where can I buy a recycling bin, and what is the cost?
10. Where can I dispose of batteries used motor oil and anti-freeze?
11. Where can I dispose of leaves and brush?
12. Where can I find information on the Large Waste Pickup program?
13. Where / How can I pay for demolition materials disposal at the Transfer Station?
14. Where is the Transfer Station and what are its hours?
15. Who will pick up my trash/garbage?
16. Why can't I purchase dump/demolition tickets at the Transfer Station?
17. Will the town remove debris after a storm?
18. Do I need to pay to use the Transfer Station?