Is there a way to determine the accuracy of my assessment?

Yes. You may review the data that it was based on by going online at At the top click on highlighted “Taxpayer Information”, click on “Online Database”, click on “Connecticut”, then click on “Trumbull” and “Enter online database”. You will be able to search by address to locate your property and review the information that your new assessment was based on.  You can also click on this link: You may wish to compare your assessment with the assessment of similar homes in your neighborhood and throughout the Town. Finally, the website also provides a Sales search utility that is easy to navigate and is designed to help you find properties like yours that have sold within the past six months to a year.

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1. Why is Trumbull undertaking a revaluation now?
2. What is a revaluation?
3. When will the revaluation take effect?
4. How will the Town revalue all property?
5. How will property owners be notified of the new assessment?
6. How do I determine what my property has been appraised at (market value estimate)?
7. What should I do if I disagree with my new assessment/market value estimate?
8. Is there a way to determine the accuracy of my assessment?
9. How will I know if my assessment is equitable?
10. How is the tax (mill) rate established?
11. How and when will my taxes be affected by this revaluation?
12. What about Veterans, Elderly, and Totally Disabled Homeowners Programs?