Where do I vote?

Residents can find their polling location using the State of Connecticut's Voter Registration Look-up database.

Alternatively, voters can find their residence on the Voting District Map (PDF) of Voting District by Street List (PDF) and use the district number to identify their voting location on the polling places listed.

Voting Districts & Polling Places

  • District 1
    Daniels Farm Elementary School
    710 Daniels Farm Road
  • District 2
    Booth Hill Elementary School
    545 Booth Hill Road
  • District 3
    Tashua Elementary School
    401 Stonehouse Road
  • District 4
    Madison Middle School
    4630 Madison Avenue
  • District 5
    Frenchtown Elementary School
    30 Frenchtown Road
  • District 6
    Middlebrook Elementary School
    220 Middlebrooks Avenue 
  • District 7
    Christian Heritage School
    575 White Plains Road

Contact the Trumbull Elections Administration Office by calling 203-452-5058 or 203-452-5059 if you have any additional questions regarding your Voting District.

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