When will I receive the Park Sticker?

Park stickers will be sent  for up to FOUR vehicles  to those with registered vehicles who are paying taxes to the Town of Trumbull. Stickers will be sent with your motor vehicle tax bill in July.  If your vehicle is leased you will receive your park sticker in a secondary mailing in July.

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1. Who needs a vehicle park sticker?
2. When will I receive the Park Sticker?
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17. I lease my car and do not recieve a tax bill from the Town of Trumbull, can I still get a parking pass?
18. I received a sticker that said "VOID" on it. What should I do?
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20. I drive a company car so my car is not registered in Trumbull, but I live in Trumbull, am I still eligible for a Park Sticker?