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Posted on: March 22, 2022

Great Changes Underway for a More Natural Experience at Twin Brooks Park

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What’s going on?

The overall project improvements are designed to ensure the preservation of the Twin Brooks environment while creating a safer and more enjoyable experience for our residents.

 The project will reposition Twin Brooks Drive up to 70 feet landward from its current location and in doing will enable the creation of a significantly improved riparian buffer along Booth Hill Brook. This additional space away from the roadway will allow for water runoff to naturally filter into the ground instead of running off directly into the brook, which will help improve the quality of the stormwater discharged from the site. 

The steep sections of the riverbank will be graded back to a gentler slope, and will be replanted with a series of native trees and plantings to enhance the buffer, promote stability, and discourage waterfowl congregation.  

A new 8 foot wide paved pedestrian trail would be placed on the landward side of the former roadway, allowing the public to engage the riverbank and away from traffic that may pass through the Park. 

Currently the existing roadway splits around the Heron Pond, with northbound traffic flowing east of the Pond, and southbound traffic flowing west of the Pond. The split will be eliminated, and the road will be widened and reconstructed on the berm west of the Heron Pond. The portion of the existing road east of the Heron Pond will be removed and replaced with additional pedestrian walkways. This will provide a continuous walking path along the waterways between the Main Waterfall parking areas.  

Phase 1

Is currently bid and awarded to H.I.Stone & Son of Southbury, CT, with a projected completion date of Fall 2022. 

Phase 2

Of the project consists of replacing the existing pipes interconnecting the ponds and Booth Hill Brook which have either failed or outlived their useful life. Additionally, the outlet control structures regulating the water levels on all the ponds will be replaced with a single design to allow for more effective operation and to provide better control over the management of water levels in the pond. Phase 2 is currently under review by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

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