Phased Reopening Plan

Trumbull Library Building Reopening Plan

This plan is focused on the resumption of library services with the safety of the public and staff at heart. We emphasize that while this plan is outlined with the expectation that conditions will improve, we may be forced to regress operations if instead they deteriorate.  We continue to follow the guidance of the Connecticut State Library and recommendations made by Federal, State and Local health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control, the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Trumbull Health Department.  

Phase 1:

  1. Present services will continue to be offered at the Trumbull Library at 33 Quality Street.  This includes the curbside pickup service though we will reduce expected output as regular in-person borrowing resumes.
  2. Trumbull Library staff will continue working in separate crews to facilitate social distancing requirements per State and local guidelines.
  3. A high-touch cleaning schedule will be implemented and before/during/after protocols will be observed.
  4. A custodian will work in tandem with the staff to ensure cleaning schedule is observed and any “as needed” cleaning is promptly handled.
  5. Access to the building will be limited to controlled occupancy requirements per State recommendations.  
  6. All public visitors must enter through the main doors of the library.  The children’s entrance will be closed.
  7. A greeter will be stationed at the door to track foot count and advise patrons on expected safety behavior.  Visitors will be asked which department they plan to visit and wait lines may be implemented if occupancy limits have been exceeded in those areas.  
  8. Safety behavior includes:
    • All visitors must wear a facemask.  
    • All visitors must adhere to social distancing policy of a minimum of 6 feet of separation.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry.
    • Gloves will be available for patrons who choose to use them.
    • No food or drink permitted
  9. Patrons will be able to browse the collection throughout the building.  Social distancing markers will be present at the service desks and directional arrows will designate traffic flow throughout the building.  Hand sanitizer stations are available at various locations.  
  10. Check-out desks will resume operation with plexiglass shields in place.  
  11. During this phase, the library will be available for browsing only:
    • No seating or table furniture will be available.  
    • No in-person programming will be offered.
    • No meeting room spaces will be available.
    • Computer access will be unavailable.
    • Play area, board games, puzzles, water fountains, and other interactives will also not be available.
    • The copier and printers will be unavailable.

Phase 2

  1. Moving to Phase 2 will only occur after sufficient time has gone by to evaluate Phase 1 in regards to staff and patron behavior and any changes have been made to improve safety issues that are identified.
  2. Fines payments will be accepted.
  3. Hours of operation re-evaluated.
  4. Computer access will be made available on a by appointment basis.
  5. Regular printer and copier functions will return.
  6. Resumption of partial services at the Fairchild-Nichols Memorial Branch as resources and staffing permit.

Phase 3

  1. Moving to Phase 3 will only occur after sufficient time has gone by to evaluate Phase 2 in regards to staff and patron behavior and any changes have been made to improve safety issues that are identified.  Resumption of some of these activities will require relaxation of certain safety guidelines before we can proceed.
  2. Return to normal on-site staffing levels.
  3. Return to normal operating hours.
  4. Restoration of access to public meeting rooms for small groups.
  5. Restoration of seating areas, with spacing for social distancing.
  6. Small in-person programs resume.

Phase 4 – Return to pre-pandemic conditions

  1. Moving to Phase 4 requires complete lifting of all COVID-19 related restrictions at the Federal, State and Local level.  
  2. Social distancing requirements suspended.
  3. Public programs resume.
  4. Children’s play area reopens.