Trumbull Literary Competition

The Trumbull Board of Trustees has announced the 2020 Trumbull Literary Competition winners.

“The trustees send their deepest appreciation to all of the writers and poets that entered the Trumbull Literary Competition,” said Trumbull Library System Director Stefan Lyne-Nielsen. “We encourage all participants to please keep writing!”

The board of trustees also thanks the judges for their time and effort, and thank the Trumbull Rotary Club and the Trumbull Community Women who have so generously agreed to support the competition, this publication and the many prizes given to the winning entries. This competition would not be possible without their continued support.

Click here to read the 2020 edition of PenWorks.  Copies of the winning entries will be cataloged at both the Trumbull Library and Fairchild-Nichols Memorial Branch Library. A limited number are also available for purchase for $5. Please email for details.

2020 Trumbull Literary Competition winners listed below are by category, prize, name, location. HM is Honorable Mention.

Adult Fiction

  • 1st: Claire Thomas, Boxborough, Mass.
  • 2nd: Jamie Angevine, New Milford
  • HM: Nancy Manning, Oxford

Adult Nonfiction

  • 1st: Abby Ripley, New Milford
  • 2nd: Carol Banner, Trumbull
  • HM: Tom Kidd, New Milford

Adult Poetry

  • 1st: Chris Heminway, East Haven
  • 2nd: Stephen Gorman, Monroe
  • HM: Sara Caldwell, Montgomery Center, VT

Grades 3-5 Fiction

  • 1st: Keane Horne, Redding
  • 2nd: Ria Beri, Trumbull
  • HM: Vince Quiros, Hebron

Grades 3-5 Nonfiction

  • 1st: Riley O’Neill, Trumbull
  • 2nd: Nicholas Gilman, Trumbull

Grades 3-5 Poetry

  • 1st: Neel Jakka, Trumbull
  • 2nd: Neel Jakka, Trumbull
  • HM: Ezra Dawson, Trumbull

Grades 6-8 Fiction

  • 1st: William Anthony, Glenview, IL
  • 2nd: Danika Curtin, Trumbull
  • HM: Juliana Rizzitelli, Derby

Grades 6-8 Nonfiction

  • 1st: Carmela Orfitelli, Amston
  • 2nd: Samhitha Kunichetty, Fairfield
  • HM: Grace Stauder, Mount Prospect, IL

Grades 6-8 Poetry

  • 1st: Anoushka Mukherjee, Trumbull
  • 2nd: Genesis Jetter, Stamford
  • HM: Molly Amighi, Framingham

Grades 9-12 Fiction

  • 1st: Penny Duran, Houston, TX
  • 2nd: Catherine White, Trumbull
  • HM: Penny Duran, Houston, TX

Grades 9-12 Nonfiction

  • 1st: Penny Duran, Houston, TX
  • 2nd: Madison Santa Barbara, Milford
  • HM: Katie Stalling, Monroe

Grades 9-12 Poetry

  • 1st: Cassandra Popick, Stamford
  • 2nd: Deanna Maltese, Monroe
  • HM: Alyssa Meyers, Shelton