Permits and Applications

Steps to Apply for Permits and Applications

  • Apply for permits by either in person at Town Hall (Between 7:30am-10:00am) or via email application by following instructions below. All BUILDING permits require a release from the Tax Collector.

Steps to Apply for Permits by Email:

  • Fill out the permit application (go to Forms must be complete with owner information, address, contractor info/license number (if applicable), detailed description of work and estimated value of work. (If a building permit, do not include subcontractor costs. They will take out their own permits.) Contractors must include license copy & insurance certificate showing workers comp & liability. Any incomplete application submittals will not be processed.  
  • Anytime you are expanding the footprint of your home, adding a generator or propane tank etc. you will also need approvals from the Zoning and Engineering departments. If you are on septic, you must also contact the health department. You must also make contact with those departments.  If you have any questions about what sign-offs you need, please email us at It is your responsibility to acquire the necessary approvals. We cannot issue permits without the sign-offs. 
  • Submit permit form and plans as pdf files for residential and small commercial projects electronically to  Send files by sending us a DropBox, a Google Drive or OneDrive link. It is mandatory that you submit your file using one of these methods.  (We will not receive your files if you email them and they are too large.) 
  • We will review your application and contact you to discuss payment. Work cannot commence until permit is issued.  Send application to:
  • You will also need the same departments that signed off on your application to sign-off, once your job is complete, to get a Certificate of Occupancy or Approval. 
  • For Inland Wetlands and Watercourse Commission applications: or contact Tatiana Solovey at with any questions. 
  • For WPCA and street opening matters, contact William Maurer, Town Engineer and WPCA Administrator at or 203-452-5050. 
  • To submit detailed commercial plans, please email the building department at  to discuss plan submission for your project.  These projects will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  
  • No inspections will be conducted until all departments receive permit fees. 
  • Please continue to check the Town of Trumbull website at for permitting and other updates. 
  • Staff will be responding to email and telephone calls to address any questions or special circumstances.