Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Trumbull EMS

Mission Statement & Core Values

It is the mission of the Trumbull Emergency Medical Service to provide prompt and efficient pre-hospital emergency medical care and transportation to all in Trumbull who are in need. Revised by the Trumbull Emergency Medical Service Commission on April 23, 2013.

In so doing, we are guided by the following core values:

  • Demonstrating compassion and respect for patients and members of their families
  • Fostering respectful and cooperative relationships within our service, with health care agencies and with other emergency services
  • Maintaining the highest professional standards for emergency medical care

Housing Numbers

To aid emergency personnel, make sure your house numbers are:

  • Large enough to been seen from the street
  • Placed near the front door or mailbox or both
  • Reflective or contrasted against their background

Trumbull EMS Organizational Changes

06/08/2020 - Trumbull First Selectman Vicki Tesoro, Chief of EMS Leigh Goodman, and EMS Commission Chair Diane Mayo announce that Trumbull EMS will be implementing department organizational changes that include staffing the department with combined volunteer staff and career employees. Trumbull EMS has been operating since 1976 and has grown expansively since then. After an extensive, in-depth analysis of the current EMS system and the growth of our community, the Town of Trumbull has determined that it is critical to move forward with the continued growth and expansion of the EMS department by hiring its own dedicated team of prehospital care providers.  With the growth of the industry, Trumbull EMS must take proactive steps to ensure that it continues to deliver the highest quality, evidence-based prehospital medical care, that it has the appropriate facilities and equipment to do so safely and effectively, and that it has invested in accountable team players to facilitate delivering this essential service.

Trumbull EMS wishes to thank the vendor organizations that have provided staffing options to support its volunteers over the last few years. EMS Chief Leigh Goodman states, “We are grateful for their valued contribution to keeping our community safe and thankful for their commitment and service. We look forward to working with them over the next few months as Trumbull EMS transitions into this new operational structure.”

Trumbull EMS is looking forward to the next step in its growth, and is excited to begin the hiring process to build an in-house career team to assist in delivering fiscally responsible, integrity-driven EMS operational care to our community.