Pools & Sprinkler Lots Information

Trumbull pools are open to Trumbull residents only. Guests are allowed but must have a Trumbull 2019 Guest Pool Pass and must be accompanied by a Trumbull resident at all times.  Passes from prior years are not valid. See our Pool Rules and Regulations at the bottom of the page for more information.

Tashua Pool

40 Tashua Knolls Lane, Trumbull

Post Season Hours:
August 29th & 30th- CLOSED
August 31st - September 2nd- 12-6pm

Beach Memorial Pool, Tashua Pool and Beach Memorial Splash Pad will close for the year on Tuesday, September 3rd. 

Tashua Pool offers a diving board and slide which are open limited hours. There is also a kiddie pool open to children under 5 years old and their parent or caregiver.  The main Pool will open at 12 Noon Monday-Friday due to swim lessons, however the kiddie pool will open at 10:00 am for children ages 5 and under who are accompanied by a parent/caregiver.

  • Diving Board & Slide Information:
    • Open Mon-Fri 1-5, Sat & Sun 10-6 (subject to change without notice)
    • Swimmers must be able to swim a distance of 15 feet, unaided, in water that is above their head. Lifeguards may ask swimmer to perform a swim test in order to use the diving board or slide.  Wristbands may be required at lifeguard’s discretion.
    • Only unaided swimmers permitted.
    • Diving is allowed only from the diving board.  Back dives and flips, reverse dives, and inward dives are not permitted.
    • Persons are not allowed to sit under the diving board or slide to catch children.
    • Swimming is not permitted in the diving or slide areas.  
    • When using diving board the swimmer must make their way to the ladders or shallow area as soon as they are able.
    • When using the slide swimmers must able fully submerge themselves under water in to dive under the “Splash Zone” barrier, which is the only way to vacate the area. Lifting or tampering with the “Splash Zone” barrier is prohibited.

    Beach Memorial Pool

    Beach Memorial Road, Trumbull

    Post Season Hours:
    August 29th - September 2nd- 12-6pm

    Beach Memorial Pool, Tashua Pool and Beach Memorial Splash Pad will close for the year on Tuesday, September 3rd. 

    Beaches Pool is open seven days a week, and offers a zero depth entry. One of the Town’s two sprinkler lots is located adjacent to Beach Memorial Pool.

    Hillcrest Pool

    530 Daniels Farm Road, Trumbull

    Hillcrest Pool will resume its normal hours of operation on Tuesday, September 3rd. 

    During the summer the pool is open for Adult Early Bird Lap Swimming only.  During the school year Hillcrest Pool offers a variety of aquatic programs and open swim options for Trumbull residents.  Check back in August for our aquatic offerings for fall.

    Adult Early Bird Lap Swim
    Who: Trumbull residents age 18+
    Duration: Year Round, subject to cancellation based off of school closures.
    Days: Monday-Friday from 6:00am-7:15am

    There is no cost for early bird swim. Residents must bring a photo ID or proof of Trumbull residency to enter the pool. Guests are not allowed at any time. Water fitness classes are also available (
    see our class schedule on the Aquatic Programs page in this Guide).

    Note: Pool operation is subject to school closures: 
    Click here for the 2019-2020 Trumbull School Calendar. 

    Sprinkler Lot Information

    Indian Ledge Sprinkler Lot - Indian Ledge Park Road, Trumbull
    Indian Ledge Splash Pad will remain open through late September (dependent on weather).  

    Beaches Sprinkler Lot - Beach Memorial Road, Trumbull
    Beach Memorial Pool, Tashua Pool and Beach Memorial Splash Pad will close for the year on Tuesday, September 3rd. 

    A valid park sticker is required to park in any of the Trumbull Parks. Vehicles without stickers may be ticketed. Stickers are available at the Trumbull Parks and Recreation office. 
    More Information.

    Lessons and Water fitness

    We offer swim lessons persons 6 months old though adult.  Water fitness classes are also available.  See our Program Information Page for more details.

    Trumbull Pool Rules & Regulations


    A full list of rules and regulations is also available at each pool.

    Entry Requirements

  • Trumbull pools are open to Trumbull residents only. Guests are allowed but must have a Trumbull Guest Pool Pass and must be accompanied by a Trumbull resident at all times. Guest Pool Passes are only available from the Trumbull Parks and Recreation Office.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult with an ID. No one may leave a swimmer under the age of 12 alone within the pool gates.
  • Children 12 to 17 who do not have ID’s must sign in with their name, address and emergency phone number.
  • EACH ADULT RESIDENT must present their own valid driver’s license or government issued picture ID that has their name and Trumbull address. Those without their ID will not be allowed entry.
  • Spouses may not use each other’s ID as proof of residency.
  • Swimmers cannot wear anything but clothing that is intended to be swim attire.
  • Diaper dependent patrons must wear swim diapers or snug plastic pants under swimsuits (this includes the kiddy pool at Tashua.) Residents may purchase a swim diaper from the guard shack for $2. This money will be given to the pool supervisor on duty at a suitable time.
  • Bather load must not exceed posted capacity.
  • Do not drink pool water.
  • Patrons who have or have had diarrhea in the past two weeks should not use the pools.
  • Shower yourself and your child before using the pool and after using the toilet
  • Patrons must walk in pool and locker room areas.
  • Glass containers or breakable objects of any kind are not permitted in the pool area, locker rooms, spectator areas, or outside deck.
  • Spitting, nose-blowing, vomiting, urinating or defecating into the pool or onto the deck is not permitted.
  • Persons with skin infections, open wounds, and nasal or ear discharges are not permitted in the pool.
  • All injuries occurring within the pool area or locker rooms must be reported to the manager immediately.
  • Lifeguards instructions must be followed at all times.They have the authority to remove from the pool anyone disobeying the rules or endangering the safety of themselves or others.
  • Water may be brought into the pool one of two ways; first, in an unopened commercial bottle. Second, is that an empty reusable bottle may be brought in and filled at the water fountain.
  • No smoking, vaping, food, gum or drinks (except water) inside the fenced in area. This may exclude pregnancy, persons with disabilities and other conditions including diabetes, upon the discretion of pool supervisor only.
  • No floatation or swim aids (including but not limited to: swimmies, snorkels, fins etc.) allowed in the pools. EXCEPTION: Swimmer presents a doctor’s note first to recreation offices then to the head lifeguard.
  • No water propelling devices of any kind.
  • No balls, water rockets or throwing any object or toy ever.
  • No boisterous play, running or horseplay allowed. Use discretion to maintain safety.
  • No one may play with or hang on any ropes, barriers or floatation markers at any time.
  • Feet first water ingress only. Ladder or stair egress only. Never climb out over the gutters.
  • Adult swim (ages 16 and older) will be for 15 minutes, every hour on the hour from one hour after pool opening to 5pm Monday- Friday and all day on the weekends, unless weather and pool usage does not warrant it.
  • Children may not sit on the pool gutters during adult swim. 
  • During adult swim all children must vacate the pool, including the shallow end of Beach Pool. Please take this time to go to use the restroom facilities.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department and its agents may suspend privileges based on unsafe behavior or unacceptable conduct.