Tax Partnership Screening Committee

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The Tax Partnership Screening Committee consists of the following members and ex-officio members:

  1. Three (3) members of the Trumbull Town council who shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Town Council; and
  2. Two (2) members of the Economic Development Commission who shall be appointed by the Chairman of said Economic Development commission; and
  3. The Director of Finance, Tax Assessor, and First Selectman who shall serve as ex-officio members serving without voting privileges. 

The Tax Partnership Screening Committee subjects all requests for assistance to an economic pro forma analysis that will considers factors such as: average construction costs of like structures, interest rates, vacancy and absorption rates, developer fees, market rents and pricing, comparable tax liabilities within the region, returns on cash and equity, and such additional costs as may be associated with the development. All projects receiving such assistance under this ordinance shall comply with a public benefits test which shall include local land use and building regulation.

The Committee shall establish policies that consider such other public benefits/costs as, but not to be limited to: industry, commercial zone and area of town, parking impact, job generation, design standards, neighborhood impact, public service demand, and consistency with the Town’s adopted plan of development or other area specific development plans.

The Committee shall review the application to determine if it conforms to and complies with the terms and conditions of this ordinance and any other reasonable term or requirement which may be imposed by the committee. The Tax Partnership Screening Committee upon the majority vote of its voting membership shall issue a report to the Town Council which report shall specifically include an enumeration of the findings by said Committee relative to the factors required to be reviewed by said Committee recommending such project for abatement. An affirmative vote of the Town council shall be required to accept said project.


Maria Pires
Mark DeVestern 
Vincent M. Marino
Carl Massaro, Jr.
Matthew Caron
Jason Marsh
Ralph Sather
Evelyn Zamary
Roberto Librandi

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